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Stress Management Treatment

Helping you to manage stress

It is not actual outside events that cause stress, it is in us. It is something our body does itself.


We are carrying on with our day to day life and then something happens. It could be a large or small crisis or trauma in our lives. This external pressure is called a trauma and our body starts getting ready to cope.


Our body produces chemicals, including cortisol when it is in what is known as the “fight” or “flight” response. ie: when we perceive we are in danger. It can be physical or psychological. Present day to day living with balancing, work, family, life pressures can cause stress and it can be difficult to re-regulate.


Our sympathetic nervous system becomes heightened. In the past when humans lived in the wild with all inherent dangers, there would have been occasions when it was necessary to go into action with a great deal of energy. Nowadays any time we feel psychologically threatened the same physical reaction will take place.


Our bodies do possess what they need to bring us back to a balanced state. This is known as the parasympathetic nervous system. It is designed to work with the sympathetic system.





This is when people feel that something terrible is about to happen. It can be extremely debilitating. We become what we think about and therefore it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.





Anyone can get low but when these feelings don’t go away then you can say that is a feeling of depression. Mental health can be affected by negative, habitual and insecure thoughts.


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