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Meet the team

Darren Rolfe

Chief Executive Officer

Founder and Chief Executive of Steps Together, Darren has a personal passion for recovery from addictions. “I have worked and experienced addiction in this sector for many years, and understand the complexity and impact of addiction on individuals and their loved ones.

As a father myself, I am passionate about ensuring that quality treatment and care support recovery for each client of Steps Together. Whilst ensuring that loved ones and families are able to gain support to repair their lives, and live free from the devastating effects of addiction”

In 2017, after years of work in treatment centres across the UK, Darren passionately created Steps Together Rehab – Ensuring that clients and their families could receive high quality care, compassion and treatment.

“I was committed to building my life’s dream, ensuring that I created treatment centres that would be a meaningful recovery family for clients and their loved ones. I am blessed every day, to be a part of our clients personal  recovery journey and delighted that Steps Together is able to make a difference to hundreds of client’s lives and their loved one’s lives every year”  Darren, CEO

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