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Rachael Therapist
Rachael Munday


Passionate about addiction recovery, Rachael qualified as a counsellor in Psycho-dynamic therapy and is currently studying a degree in drug and alcohol counselling and working towards a BA hons degree in Integrative counselling. Rachael has worked in residential drug and alcohol treatment services since 2014 and is passionate about recovery.

Rachel has been passionate about addiction recovery for over 20 years and has dedicated her life to supporting those struggling with addiction through her counselling work for the last 10 years. Part of The Chestnuts therapy team, Rachel delivers a range of highly regarded group and individual therapy sessions, working closely with colleagues, client’s and their families to support recovery from the illness of addiction.

Mum of two Rachel, is committed to delivering counselling therapy to both clients and their families, ensuring that recovery achievable for each individual and the impact of addiction is addressed for their family.

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