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Meet the team

Paul Mudie

Deputy Manager

A key member of The Chestnuts management team, Paul has an extensive background in the clinical treatment of adults experiencing difficulty with drugs and alcohol. Formerly working a range of large UK based addiction charities, Paul has ran a range of community detoxification clinics for in excess of 400 clients per week.

With an extensive background spanning 20 years in Sports Education, Paul routinely recognised the challenges faced by families experiencing difficulty with their loved ones addiction issues – volunteering during the early days to support families affected by addiction, Paul soon developed his passion for treatment and recovery treatment.

Also a trained phlebotomist and specialist in Blood Borne Virus’s, Paul has a significant clinical knowledge in the testing for, and treatment of, blood borne virus’s (BBV’s) associated with drug misuse and poor sexual health practices. As the lead officer in this field, Paul supports the Steps Together Rehab Group of services with his skills to ensure client’s and staff receive excellent clinical advice and treatment responses to these health issues.

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