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Debbie Lead Therapist
Deborah Fairlie

Lead Therapist

Passionate about helping people find a new way of living (without the ball and chain of addiction) Debbie is dedicated to helping our clients and their loved ones to manage their feelings, rebuild their relationships and improve their self-esteem.

Qualified with Distinction in the counselling and treatment of addiction, Debbie’s experience and passion makes her the perfect candidate to head-up therapy services at The Chestnuts. As lead therapist, Debbie works closely with clients, families and colleagues to ensure our unique programme  secures the best possible addiction therapy for our clients and their loved ones. Ensuring it remains dynamic and responsive to the varying needs of our client group and the changing demands in addiction treatment.

“I have worked in the field of addiction since 2014, with my own passionate interest in addiction stems back over 20 years. I am particularly interested in relationships and the co-dependency that can exist between couples or families that enable or support addiction. I love helping people find their dignity and self respect again and working closely with families to rebuild, repair and renew their lives” says Debbie 

Debbie has designed a unique range of individual private family therapy programmes and is on hand to advise and guide clients and their families on these, ensuring that ongoing treatment and support is available to secure lasting recovery.

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