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Drug & Alcohol Interventions

Intervention is often the first step to recovery.

Many family members find it difficult to confront their loved ones about their addiction, although being able to speak to a loved ones about their addiction and to encourage them to get help is often the first steps to recovery.

At Steps Together Rehab, one of our professional team can assist in an intervention. This process is conducted in a non-confrontational manner and it will enable an addict to see how their behaviour is not only destroying their lives but how this affects the lives of their loved ones also.

By understanding the harm and damage that is being created to others it can often be the catalyst for change and the desire to seek help.

Interventions are extremely important when applied in the correct way it can totally change the way that an addict thinks and reacts. As part of the Steps Together Rehab programme, we can enable the steps for patients to be addiction free.

Please remember that being close to an addict can be a very stressful time. Remember that you are not alone and others will be going through the same experience.

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