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Health & Wellbeing Therapy

What Is Health & Wellbeing Therapy?

For individuals going through the process of recovery, a healthy mind and body assist in the journey to get well and stay well. Health & wellbeing therapy focuses on staying healthy by developing a balanced diet as well as additional, external gym and wellbeing activities will help to boost both mind and body in the aftermath of a full-blown addiction.

Health and wellness in recovery can give a person a brand new meaning and outlook on life as they enter a new chapter in their recovery journey, giving them a feeling of ‘resetting’ their life. Through health and wellbeing therapy, those who are suffering from addiction can heal both physically and mentally.

Nutrition and Healing

Paying attention to your health is more than just a complementary part of the addiction recovery process. It starts with nutrition. A client who enters rehab may not have been looking after themselves properly. Their body may be severely weakened as a result of their addiction, not to mention the potential damage alcohol abuse does to the heart, brain, liver and pancreas.

The team at Steps Together Rehab can ensure that the client remains hydrated and fed with the right foods, in the right amounts, to assist in building strength and get the body working again after the process of detox.

A balanced nutrition plan, as well as access to external fitness facilities, will help to support our client on the road to recovery.

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