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Heroin Addiction Treatment

Are you or a loved one ready to recover from heroin addiction?

Heroin is one of the most addictive substances available, and an addiction can develop very quickly. Here at StepsTogether Rehab, we offer a safe and supportive environment for you or a loved one who is struggling with heroin addiction.


Taking the first steps towards seeking help is often daunting, but we believe that with the help of our specialised rehabilitation programme, you will regain control of your life and overcome your addiction.


Our qualified staff and counsellors are here to support you as you take control of your addiction and embark on a journey towards a life without heroin.

What is Heroin addiction?

Heroin addiction alters the normal function of the brain, leading to the compulsive use of the substance and noticeable changes in behaviour. The drug produces a “downer” effect, causing you to become relaxed and drowsy by slowing down the function of the body.


This addiction can result in both physical and mental health problems, and the chemical changes in the brain can make it difficult for a person to function normally. Heroin abuse can have a detrimental effect on relationships and finances, as well as possible serious health complications and significant risk of overdose.


At StepsTogether Rehab, we believe that it is never too late to seek help for heroin addiction.

Symptoms and signs of Heroin addiction?

Heroin can cause a number of physical symptoms that appear during and after use, such as shortness of breath, nausea, small pupils and drowsiness, but there are also many other signs and symptoms that can occur with long-term use.


These can include:

  • Possession of items used to prepare heroin such as needles, burned silver spoons or aluminium foil with burn marks
  • Sudden decrease in job or academic performance
  • Lying, theft or other deceptive behaviour
  • Unusual hostile behaviour towards friends and family
  • Skin conditions like infections, abscesses and collapsed veins from repeated injecting
  • The need to take more and more of the drug each time to overcome a built-up tolerance

There is also a risk of contracting serious illnesses such as HIV/AIDS or hepatitis C by sharing needles with other users.


Although it is incredibly hard to admit to yourself and those around you that you have a problem, contacting StepsTogether Rehab will kickstart your journey to recovery. We will provide you with the support and tools you need to beat your heroin addiction.


How does the Heroin programme work?

At StepsTogether Rehab, our heroin programme has been designed to effectively manage withdrawal symptoms with access to a full range of rehabilitation services, as well as to provide full rehabilitation services to those suffering from addiction.


We have a holistic approach to treating drug addiction, and our modern and comfortable facilities provide a safe and relaxing environment to aid your recovery.


How do I get help for my dependency?

Getting help can seem like an overwhelming task, but here at StepsTogether Rehab we offer specialist advice and treatment that is free of judgement, so you can feel at ease. Simply contact us for a 1-2-1 consultation and one of our experienced medical professionals or counsellors will talk you through your treatment options.


If reaching out to us yourself feels too daunting, you could ask a friend or relative to make the initial call on your behalf.


How do I help someone with their Heroin addiction?

Watching a loved one suffer from addiction is no easy thing. However, offering your encouragement and support is incredibly valuable, and will have a positive effect.


If a loved one comes to you to talk about their heroin addiction, try to:

  • Listen without judgement
  • Stay calm
  • Be reassuring, not accusational
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Suggest speaking to a medical professional
  • Offer to accompany them on their first appointment

What are the treatment options?

At StepsTogether Rehab, our goal is to provide you with the professional support you need to be able to overcome your heroin addiction and live a fulfilling life.


Our expert team will be on hand to help you or your loved one work through their addiction, whether you are seeking assistance with an intervention or a full rehabilitation programme.



A detox period is an essential first step towards beating your heroin addiction.


Although you or your loved one will experience some uncomfortable symptoms, there will be medical supervision provided throughout, and the detox process will take place in a safe and stable environment.


Alongside the detox programme, we also offer a rehabilitation programme to give you the support and guidance you need for a successful recovery.


You will undergo a combination of therapies led by our professional and experienced team to effectively manage your heroin addiction and prevent relapse.

These include:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Stress management therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Holistic therapy

We also understand that heroin addiction does not just affect the user. With this in mind, we provide family workshops and information on family support in the community, so you can help your loved one through the recovery process.


Why StepsTogether Rehab?

Here at StepsTogether Rehab, we understand that reaching out to others for help with addiction is difficult, but we are here to provide a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for you to begin your recovery.


Our compassionate staff will guide you through the entire process, and our facilities are designed to promote optimum health and wellness. Through our heroin treatment programme, you will be given the tools and skills you need to overcome your addiction and take back full control of your life.


Discover how we can help you or your loved one begin the journey to recovery. Get in touch by calling our 24/7 helpline on 0800 038 5585, or fill out our contact form and let’s beat your heroin addiction together.



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