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Crystal Meth Rehab

A personal treatment plan is available at our discreet centre.

Crystal meth is the crystal form of Methamphetamine, and is an incredibly powerful stimulant. It is made from a variety of potentially harmful chemicals, which are very addictive and can have several negative side effects.


Here at StepsTogether, we understand that battling an addiction is hard. Our team of dedicated and professional medical staff are experts in drug rehabilitation, and are always on hand to offer guidance to you or your loved one.


Although seeking help for crystal meth addiction may seem daunting, we are here to provide you or your loved one with the support they need on their journey to recovery.

How crystal meth affects the body

Crystal meth is usually clear or blue in colour, and has the appearance of rough crystals or shards of ice. The drug in this form is usually heated and smoked, but can also be crushed into a powder and snorted or injected.


Taking crystal meth can affect your body in a number of different ways. Like other drugs, crystal meth stimulates the dopamine receptors in the brain, releasing feelings of euphoria. This initial rush does not last long, but the influence of the drug can last for up to 12 hours.


Along with this short high, users may also experience some negative short-term side effects from taking crystal meth. These can include:

  • Reduced appetite
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Irregular heart rhythm
  • Paranoia
  • Aggression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Body tremors

What is crystal meth addiction?

As crystal meth is highly addictive, it may only take one use for an addiction to develop. When users first take crystal meth, the rush of euphoria encourages them to take it again. However, the body builds up a tolerance to the drug, meaning users need to take higher doses to achieve effects.


This addiction is incredibly dangerous, and there is a high risk of a fatal overdose. Prolonged use of crystal meth may also result in psychosis, where users lose touch with reality, as well as possible brain damage.

Symptoms and signs of dependency

If you think you or a loved one is struggling with crystal meth dependency, there are lots of signs and symptoms you can look out for.

These may include:

  • Risk-taking behaviour
  • Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety
  • Body sores from picking at the skin
  • More intense psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations
  • Extreme weight loss
  • Tooth decay or tooth loss

We understand that approaching a loved one about their crystal meth addiction, or admitting your own dependency, is difficult. However, at StepsTogether, we believe that is never too late to seek help.

How does our crystal meth programme work?

At StepsTogether, we offer a full crystal meth rehabilitation programme that treats both the physical and mental symptoms of crystal meth addiction.


Our dedicated medical staff and counsellors will work with you or your loved one, providing the help and skills needed to beat addiction and live a fulfilling life free from crystal meth.



The detox period is essential to beginning your or your loved one’s journey towards recovery. Although there may be some discomfort during this process, our staff will be on hand to provide constant support and supervision.


Crystal meth withdrawal symptoms are not as intense as those caused by other drugs, but you or your loved one may experience some initially.

These symptoms could include:

  • Insomnia
  • Low energy levels
  • Drug cravings
  • Feelings of depression or anxiety
  • Increased appetite


Following the detox period, you or your loved one will be encouraged to take part in various therapy sessions with our counsellors. These will help you or your loved one to understand how to overcome the mental symptoms of crystal meth addiction, with the goal of a drug-free life.


These therapies include:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Stress management therapy
  • Holistic therapy
  • Group therapy

Family support

We also understand that a crystal meth addiction does not only affect the user. If your friend or family member is struggling with addiction, we offer family workshops and counselling sessions that are designed to give you the ability to aid them in the recovery process.

How to get help for your addiction

If you would like to take the first step towards recovery, you can make an appointment with your GP to discuss your addiction, who may refer you for further treatment. You could also contact us directly for a 1-2-1 consultation with one of our dedicated counsellors.


We know that this may seem overwhelming, but reaching out for help is vital to your recovery.

How to help a loved one

No one wants to witness a loved one suffering from crystal meth addiction. If a loved one comes to you for help with their dependency, offering your full support can be hugely beneficial.


Suggest that they speak to a medical professional, and even offer to make the first call for them if they feel too nervous. You could also accompany them to their first appointment if that would make them feel more secure.

Why StepsTogether Rehab?

Our belief at StepsTogether Rehab is that no one should have to face their addiction alone. We offer specialist treatment in a safe and comfortable environment, to make you or your loved ones feel at ease throughout the treatment process.


You or your loved one will receive professional care from our understanding and compassionate staff, who will be on hand to offer guidance on the journey to recovery. Our crystal meth rehabilitation programme provides patients with the skills needed to overcome addiction and regain control.


Find out more about how we can help you or your loved one with their crystal meth addiction. Call our 24/7 helpline on 0800 038 5585, or fill out our contact form and take the first steps toward recovery.



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