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The importance of aftercare services when going through rehab

We want to support our clients in every step of their journey, from helping them understand that they need our support, to giving them all the resources necessary to ensure that they can maintain the recovery, long after they leave our facilities. In order to do this, we put a lot of importance on aftercare services. 

Aftercare services is a form of treatment and care provided by alcohol and drug rehabilitation services to provide support for their clients after they achieve their initial period of sobriety and finish their programs. It means that the support for the individual does not stop the moment they leave the facilities, as the struggle with addiction can be ongoing.

Our New Enhanced Aftercare Services

At Steps Together we know that aftercare services are an integral part of the recovery process to ensure a long- term sustainable recovery. This is why we are offering an Enhanced Aftercare Therapy Service, which will give you the support meetings and network to help you maintain your sobriety.

Leaving rehab can often seem daunting as you are leaving an intensive care environment.That is why Steps Together aims to be with you all the way of your recovery journey.

We understand that there are several factors that can affect even the strongest of people feel at risk of relapse.

What can cause people to relapse after rehab?

  • Being surrounded by alcohol or drugs again
  • Pressure of domestic everyday life with family and friends

This is why it is crucial to have a support network available for those who have just finished the rehab programmes. Steps Together is a reliable provider of guidance and strength for the individual, helping them to fight through their battles.

Aftercare Services from Steps Together

We offer private one-one aftercare counselling sessions, for clients who have completed their residential treatment programme. Helping you to be open with your counsellor about the struggles you are facing so that you can get the best level of care possible. Our therapists can help you create a personalised recovery plan and sessions can be purchased for as long as needed. This will mean that you will be given the care that is specific to your needs and requirements.

Aftercare is only one step out of the whole recovery support services offered by Steps Together Rehab. Our alcohol and drug rehab programmes are designed to provide you with the strength and tools to fight the temptations and maintain your sobriety permanently. We are also based in scenic locations and our modern facilities ensure that you are always kept comfortable.

For more information on the aftercare services that we provide as well any other queries on the services that we provide, please contact us through our contact form or call us on 0800 0385585.

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