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Steps Together Rehab is proud to now offer rehabilitation accommodation for our client, giving them the perfect environment to embark on their journey to recovery from their addiction. Our rehab accommodations for drug and alcohol addiction offers you a refreshing and exciting which will let you reset and detox from your substance abuse. Our rehab clinics can offer you a breath of fresh air for you to start your rehab journey.

Steps Together Rehab Accommodation Locations

We have one clinic in the town on Sutton-In-Ashfield, in Nottinghamshire, and one clinic in the village of Arnesby, in Leicestershire. Both Steps Together Rehab clinics are set in a tranquil and refreshing environment, making them ideal locations to detox and restart.

What We Offer At Our Rehab Clinics

Our clinic in Nottinghamshire is a 17 bed, fully residential rehabilitation centre regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Our Leicestershire clinic has 16 bedrooms and 14 en-suite shower Facilities. We offer a variety of programs ranging from 7 to 84 days at both locations, to support those who suffer from alcohol or drug abuse. To find out more about about our rehab clinics, click on the links below.



Leicestershire Clinic

Nottinghamshire Clinic

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